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Is Someone Really Going to Give Me Money?

Skepticism is a normal reaction after receiving a notice from us.  Why would anyone just give you thousands of dollars?  Disbelief is one reason why billions of dollars go unclaimed each year.  

        It is YOUR MONEY - not a prize or gift! Almost every business, school, church, club and several households have payments that go missing. Government agencies find the money and keep it for you in a fancy 'Lost and Found' department.

        Check out this segment where Ohio residents get money owed to them!  You can research over 800 databases and try to find your funds by yourself. Or, you can contract with our professional and experienced team to search and claim funds on your behalf.

You've Got Fund$


Asset Investigators

Our team searches up to 800 databases who safeguard assets owed to churches, schools, businesses and individuals just like you. 

When we contact you, we believe $10,000 or more is owed to you. Contract with us and we will provide the paperwork, research, and legal expenses to claim your funds from all of the places where we find your money. We get paid only if we recover your funds.


Click here to see a special segment Good Morning America did on unclaimed property!

Unclaimed Property

An entire organization is dedicated to safeguarding money owed to the public.   It's called the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.  Here are some startling facts from their annual report:

  • $32.877 billion is  being safeguarded.
  • Only $1.754 billion was returned to the rightful owners during one fiscal year!
  • Claims can be made by heirs!


This is real!! Click to view owners receiving their lost property.

Where did my funds come from?

 Lost funds come from a number of sources including...  

  • Forgotten security deposits
  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Lost checks
  • Insurance refunds
  • HUD/FHA mortgage insurance funds
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • Trust funds and Probate
  • Tax refunds
  • Misrouted donations
  • Life Policies from deceased loved ones
  • And more!

When you contract with us, we tell you where we found your funds and do a more detailed search to see if there is even more money out there for you - free of charge!

Goddess Hestia, the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.
How we got our name...

Hestian Asset Group

Hestia (Hess~Cha), is the forgotten Olympic Goddess often omitted from representations of the Olympians.

      Although in the background, Hestia played an important service role on Mount Olympus. She was very powerful. Known for her sacred fire, present day Olympic games do not start until they pass Hestia's torch to light her eternal flame.

       Your unclaimed funds are Hestian (Hess~chen) - powerful, forgotten and in the background. Your funds are playing an important service role, too, earning interest for other people. OUCH! Your money could be earning interest for you. 

      Pass the torch to us!! We will locate and claim these assets for you. Light the way to a better future using the funds we find and claim on your behalf. 

     The Statue of Liberty is one of the depictions of Goddess Hestia.

Work With Us!

Let Us Help You Claim Your Funds!

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